Positioning Your Small Business For Success In 2022

On your mark, get ready………GO!

One of the biggest benefits of a new year is that it allows us take a breather, and re-strategize or consolidate on what works.

The year 2022, in and of itself does not have the capacity to make things happen except if we choose to be deliberate in creating business success in the new year.

Setting and achieving goals has never been a walk in the park for anyone, nonetheless, attaining set goals breeds some feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

Every small business owner covets success but a select few have been able to navigate their path to outstanding results.  Today’s entrepreneurs are increasingly frustrated by the widening gulf between their experience and desired outcomes, hence many are frustrated. Unfortunately, results don’t yield to frustration or any such negative emotions, rather as business people, we must be masters of basic business principles that eliminate frustration and business failure.

Ready to make a shift in your business in 2022? Here are some powerful tools that guarantee business success every time;

1 .Become A New You; No one continues to be the same person and expects a different result. I have found out that the biggest predictor of success in business is not your skill, capital, your team or even your industry. For records, I am not suggesting that these things are not relevant to business success. I am simply saying that they are not fundamental enough to bring about sustainable business growth. Becoming a new you means adopting powerful emotions that support success through a healthy thought life.

Truth is, there is something almost magical about having a right mindset that inadvertently attracts the right team, capital, the relevant skill sets and ultimately brings about business growth.

2. Set Smart Business Goals; Have you ever imagined two soccer teams playing without goal posts? Goals help us to focus our energy and resources on specific results. They also create a sense of purpose as we strive to achieve them. So, as small businesses with big aspirations, we should endeavor to craft clear business goals as we set sail this new year.

These goals must embody all the elements of a SMART goal; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time bound. For me, being able to measure your goals is very central to your success as you progress. To this end, developing Key Performance Indicators and setting targets must be taken seriously in order to track progress and by extension reach our goals within a stipulated time.

3. Be Flexible; In setting our yearly goals, we make quite some assumptions. Often times, prevailing conditions defy such assumptions and it suddenly looks like we have come to a cul-de-sac. For us as entrepreneurs, we must learn to adapt our businesses and quickly too, or else we will be trampled under severe competition. Your ability to rework plans, especially when you find out your initial plans are out of rhythm might just be the game changer your business requires

4. Be Ready To Pivot; Sometimes, it does make absolute sense to switch business or industry, particularly if you spot a problem literally begging for a solution. However, you must be sure that you are well positioned to provide such a solution due to relevant skill sets that you possess. Interestingly, life has a way of thrusting opportunities to us and we can only seize them if we are discerning and prepared.

Happy New and the Dellyman team wishes you all the success in your aspirations and dreams in 2022

Rakeeb Okoosi
Head of Partnership

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